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MT1 Series Sub Compact

MT1 Series Sub Compact

The MT1 Sub-compact incorporates a user-friendly ergonomic design into a robust and quality tractor.  The MT1 standard features provide an exceptional operator experience in a variety of applications.


MT225E Series Compact

MT2E Series Compact

The MT2E Series provides customers with value and affordable horsepower.  This series not only promotes a variety of horsepower’s, but also boast numerous features and implements that can make this series a perfect fit for many applications.


LS Tractor MT357HC with R4 loader 2

MT7 Series Utility

Our top-of-the-line MT7 Semi-Powershift Series is available with 101 horsepower and includes an ergonomic and spacious cab. Premium features such as a standard instructor’s seat, Goodyear LSW tires, two rear remotes, and superior lift capacities.

LS Tractor 48 Rotary Cutters 2

Backhoes, Tiller, Rotary Cutters, and more

Dig it, move it and mow it.  With genuine LS attachments and implements, you can be confident you are getting the best quality and the best performing attachments for your tractor.

LS Tractor MT357HC with R4 loader 4