Husqvarna 572 XP® G Chainsaw

Bar length (inch): 20 in

Cylinder displacement: 4.3 cu.inch

Tested in the world’s most rugged environments, the Husqvarna 572 XP® is ready for demanding work by forestry and tree care professionals. At just 14.5 lbs, the 572 XP® has a better power-to-weight ratio and 12% higher cutting capacity than previous Husqvarna models in the same class. Excellent cooling and heavy-duty filtration maximize reliability, while a smart design accommodates longer guide bars. Thanks to AutoTune™, Air Injection™ and low vibration technology, the 572 XP® empowers you to work all day. Plus, heated handles increase comfort in cold and damp conditions. Get ready to cut faster, longer and better than ever with the 572 XP®.

Price may vary depending on bar size

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20″ RSN 3/8″ 1,5 mm C85

Art no: 966 73 3403

24″ RSN 3/8″ 1,5 mm C85

Art no: 966 73 3404

24″ – US Lightweight RSN – 3/8″ – C83

Art no: 966 73 3474

Power output5.8 hp5.8 hp5.8 hp
Cylinder displacement4.3 cu.inch4.3 cu.inch4.3 cu.inch
Maximum power speed9,900 rpm9,900 rpm9,900 rpm
Idling speed2,700 rpm2,700 rpm2,700 rpm
Torque, max.4.5 Nm4.5 Nm4.5 Nm
Torque, max. at rpm8,200 rpm8,200 rpm8,200 rpm
Clutch engagement speed (±120)3,700 rpm3,700 rpm3,700 rpm
Fuel consumption429 g/kWh429 g/kWh429 g/kWh
Fuel consumption3.88 lbs/h3.88 lbs/h3.88 lbs/h
Electrode gap0.02 in0.02 in0.02 in
Ignition module air gap0.01 in0.01 in0.01 in
Oil pump typeAdjustable flow, no flow at idleAdjustable flow, no flow at idleAdjustable flow, no flow at idle


Exhaust emissions (CO2 EU V)841 g/kWh841 g/kWh841 g/kWh


Bar length (inch)20 in24 in24 in
Recommended bar length, min15 in15 in15 in
Recommended bar length, max28 in28 in28 in
Chain typeC85C85C83
Sprocket typeRim 7Rim 7Rim 7


Weight (excl. cutting equipment)15 lbs15 lbs15 lbs


Lubricant type (Engine)Husqvarna 2 stroke or equiv. at 50:1Husqvarna 2 stroke or equiv. at 50:1Husqvarna 2 stroke or equiv. at 50:1
Oil tank volume0.7 US pint0.7 US pint0.7 US pint
Oil tank volume0.35 l0.35 l0.35 l

Sound and Noise

Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA)120 dB(A)120 dB(A)120 dB(A)
Sound power level, measured118 dB(A)118 dB(A)118 dB(A)
Sound pressure level at operators ear107 dB(A)107 dB(A)107 dB(A)


Equivalent vibration level (ahv, eq) front handle5 m/s²5 m/s²5 m/s²
Equivalent vibration level (ahv, eq) rear handle4.1 m/s²4.1 m/s²4.1 m/s²